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Duffmuttu Dance

Duffmuttu Dance is one of the popular dances of Kerala. There are a number of arts and crafts practiced in Kerala, including dance, martial arts, and ritual arts. The dance forms of Kerala bear the legacy of the traditional art and craft of Kerala.

One of the classical performing arts of Kerala, Duffmuttu dance is worth a watch while on a Kerala Tour. Duffmuttu is a group dance performance popular among the Muslims of Malabar. The Muslims perform this dance praising the Creator's glory in Arabic. The songs used in Duffmuttu dance are mainly tributes to famous martyrs, heroes and saints.

Also known as Aravanamuttu, Duffmuttu dance is staged as a social event on the occasion of various festivals and nuptial ceremonies. The term Duffmuttu originates from the word Duff or Dubh, a quaint round percussion instrument that is played for this dance performance. Made of wood and ox skin, Duff is also called Thappitta. Duff is among the permitted musical instruments that can be used while singing. Duffmuttu dance has its roots in Arabia and is generally performed in paddy fields. However, in certain areas where Duff is not available, Arabana is used.

During the Duffmuttu dance performance, the artistes beat the Duff, while the leader of the group sings the lead. The others form the chorus and move in circles as the dance progresses. There is no fixed time limit to the Duffmuttu dance, and it can be performed at any time of the day.