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Kakkarissi Natakom Dance

Kakkarissi Natakom Dance in Kerala is a satirical dance drama based on the characters of Hindu mythology. One of the most unique dance forms of Kerala this dance is based on contemporary issues although the characters are from Hindu mythological stories.

Kakkarissi Natakom Dance is based on a mythological story. It is believed that Lord Shiva and Parvati disguised themselves as Kakkalan and Kakkathi who are the traditional nomadic tribes who are famous for fortune telling. This is the only portion which is borrowed from Hindu mythological legends and the rest of the story revolves around contemporary issues.

The Kakkarissi Natakom Dance is therefore equally appreciated in the 21st century because of its ability to blend with the contemporary society.

The chief characters of Kakkarissi Natakom Dance are Kakkalan, Kakkathi, Vetan, Velichappadu and Thampuraan. The orchestral arrangement of Kakkarissi Natakom Dance is arranged through Dholak, Ganchira, Chenda and Harmonium.

Kakkarissi Natakom Dance is one of the traditional dance forms of Kerala which blends the modern society and its issues with the Hindu Puranas at its background which surely makes it a class apart.