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Kavadiyattam Ritualistic Dance

Kerala is famous for its different and unique art forms and one such ritualistic art form is Kavadiyattam . Also known as Kavadiyattam, this is a ritualistic dance form which is generally performed by the devotees.

A folk art of Kerala, Kavadiyattam is done by fanatic devotees who worship their God in such a ritualistic way. The word Kavadi is derived from the name of bow shaped structures which are being carried by the devotees while on their journey to Subramanya Temples.

Dressed up in bright yellow costumes with the ash smeared over their body they are in a trance like state when they carry out this ritualistic dance called Kavadiyattam . The kavadis which are decorated like temples are called ambalakavadi while the pookavadi are adorned with colorful paper and flowers.

One can get to hear the beats of percussion instruments like udukku, Chenda and the nadaswaram which are the basic features of this Kavadi procession. The rising beats, frenzied dancers make a colorful sight.

Kavadiyattam is a popular ritual during the festive seasons of Sree Subramanya Temple in Kerala. People carry the ornate Kavadis to the temple of Subramanya and the Kavadis are also adorned with peacock feathers.