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Thiruvathirakali Dance

Dance forms are an integral part of the tradition and culture of Kerala. Be it an expression of emotion or depicting the scenes of Hindu mythology, there are a number of unique number of dance forms in Kerala. One such unique traditional dance form that originated in Kerala is the Thiruvathirakali Dance.

Thiruvathirakali Dance is performed generally by women of Kerala in order to attain marital bliss. Held during the Malyalam month of Dhanu on the night of Thiruvathira celebrations, the women organize Thiruvathirakali Dance. An important festival of Kerala this is generally organized by the women of Kerala. It is believed that Thiruvathirakali Dance brought back Kamdeva to life after he had perished due to Lord Shiva.

During the Thiruvathirakali Dance, on the Thiruvathira festival of Kerala, women stay awake all night in order to check arrival of Lord Shiva. The graceful dance takes place around a Nilavilakku or a lamp and the dance is a symbol of female energy.

The women adorn themselves in the best of clothes and perform Thiruvathirakali Dance around the lamp. They clap their hands and display an intricate variety of steps which is quite different from the other dance forms of Kerala. A celebration of marital fidelity, Thiruvathirakali Dance is however now quite popular through all the seasons. However tourists can take a Kerala Tour between December to January to be a part of Thiruvathirakali Dance.