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Kerala Travel Tips

The ancient land founded by the legendary mythological figure Rishi Parashuram, blessed with emerald backwaters and gold and silver beaches is Kerala- God's own country. With the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on its east, Kerala is a treasure trove of indigenous cultural practices and art forms that have mesmerized people all over the world.

Be it the age old Kathakali or the newly rediscovered Mohiniattyam or the knowledge of Ayurveda . Basking in the generosity of the sun and rain the climate of Kerala supports a lush vegetation and a wide array of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the country. This miraculously unspoiled serene wilderness is all nature lovers' paradise and rapidly gaining momentum as a popular tourist hub in and around the country.

Traveling to kerala is always a rewarding and unique experience. But traveling to Kerala can top the chart of your holiday experiences if you keep a few things in mind. Here is some of the travel tips that will help you make the most of your trip to Kerala.

Travel Tips for Kerala :

Carry your camera and Binoculars - The beautiful places you share with your family or partner at Kerala needs to be frozen in time. Your camera is therefore a must. Binoculars are most important if you are planning to hit the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

Carry tanning cream and sun guard lotions -The beaches in Kerala are marvelous getaways for tourists. But the bright omnipresent sun is ready to give you a perfect tan. Use the sun as you prefer. Get a tan, or get away from it.

Try out authentic Kerala Cuisine - The spices of Kerala make a lip smacking table. Do not miss it.

Sail out on a local Fishing Boat - If you want the rustic experience, abandon the resort yacht and sail hire a local fisherman to take you out o the seas.

Coconut Water - The coconuts in Kerala are mind blowing. The sweetness of their water puts sugar syrup to shame. Remember that.

Clothes- wear soft cotton clothing on the beaches. For the hill stations carry light warm clothing as the nights can get chilly. Winters bring cold nights on the Western Ghats.

Houseboats- the best way to explore the Backwaters is on a houseboat.

Onam - the harvest festival in Kerala is celebrated during August-September. The famous boat races take place on the 5 th day of Onam usually in the first week of September. Those interested to witness the races are advised to visit during his time.

Shopping - in Kerala you can shop for coir articles since that is a prominent industry in Kerala. Trinkets made of wood, sandalwood, buffalo horn make perfect souvenirs for your loved ones back home. If you are an ayurveda therapy buff you can buy medicines and massage oils from kerala.