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Weather in Kerala

Surrounded by the azure waters of the sea and shaded by the leafy coconut trees that surround the entirety of the province of Kerala, a trip to Kerala is the best recipe possible if you are aiming for a dream vacation. Located on the south eastern corner of India, Kerala is the epitome a climate that is tropical with a vengeance. The climate of kerala changes to some extent with the season and thus, it is essential to know the weather of Kerala while choosing the best time to visit Kerala.

Located near the Tropic of Cancer, most of Kerala has a hot and humid climate with a more than average rainfall as compared to other provinces of India. The weather of Kerala can be divided into 4 seasons, which are winter, summer, south west monsoon and north east monsoon. The summer season in Kerala stretches from the months of February and continues up to May. Temperature remains almost on a constant high throughout the season which is also accompanied by lightning and heavy rainfall.

Summer in Kerala is followed by the South West Monsoon, which lasts from the end of May to September and is characterized by extremely heavy rainfall which brings a welcome relief from the oppressive heat of the summers. October sees the advent of the northeast monsoon which basically signifies the end of the monsoons and is followed by the winter season which arrives in Kerala around the middle of December remaining in the state till around February. Winters are definitely the best time to visit Kerala if you are planning a holiday in Kerala.