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History of Khajuraho

A land where history beckons you to an era of love and demonstrates the rich cultural heritage of India, a trip to Khajuraho is one of the most fascinating journeys into the rich history of India. Situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, the ancient city of Khajuraho is a definite must have in your tour itinerary to Madhya Pradesh if you are planning a trip to this charming province. Today, a major tourist destination in India, this ancient city, owes most of her fame to the rich History of Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh.

Once the capital city of the powerful Chandela Rajputs, a clan, who claimed their ancestry from the lineage of the Lunar powers, the various temples in and around Khajuraho were constructed over a period of 100 years, a period which stretched between the years 950 to 1050.

After their initial spell at this beautiful city, the Chandelas moved their capital to the neighboring city of Mahoba, a move which, however, failed to put a stop to the rise of the city of Khajuraho, though, however, for some time.

At her peak, Khajuraho consisted of around 80 Hindu Temples, most of which are today, however, sadly in ruins. The 22 temples, which even today stand strong, as a poignant message from the age of past, however, manage to convey to us, the grandeur which has caused the complex to be certified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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