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Kochi Weather

The weather experts recognize Kochi weather as moderately hot and humid throughout the year. It is because Kochi is located on sea level, not above sea level. Accordingly, the best time to visit Kochi is November, December, and January, when the Kochi weather is less humid for day sightseeing and marks the peak winter months. The temperature in Cochin does not hover with much difference either in summer, monsoon, or winter. Due to its setting on the Malabar Coast and 10 degrees north of the equator, the Cochin temperature varies slightly to analyze hot and cold seasons.

Check out the below details of weather conditions in Kochi month-wise. These details will sort out your thoughts regarding the temperature in Kochi and the suitable season or month for this city tour.

Here is the complete guide to Kochi Temperature Month Wise

Kochi Temperature in January

January in Kochi experienced less humidity, rainfall of 3 days (approx.), and 9 hours (approx.) of sunshine, making Kochi a must-visit place in January. It is the only dry month in Kochi. Tourism in Kochi shoots up to the maximum this month because daylight sightseeing is pleasing in every aspect. Kochi temperature in January is salubrious compared to the other months, with the minimum and maximum high between 23°C to 30°C (approx.). The Kochi weather in the first-month beacons beach lovers the most for outdoor fun frolic moments.

Kochi Temperature in February

Tourists and locals consider February the extension of January because February's average low and high Kochi temperature does not fluctuate as much. However, it increases by around 1-2°C (approx.) in Valentine's month. With the temperature hovering between 24°C to 31°C (approx.) in February, rainfall tends to hit the surface for around 2-4 days (approx.). Everything goes smoothly in the February weather of Kochi, from beaches to lakes to backwaters and shopping ventures.

Kochi Temperature in March

This is the suggested time for the budget backpackers or those who don't mind bearing the oppressive heat. Beaches remain open, sightseeing in outdoor places is possible, and Kochi gets itself painted in the vibrant color of Holi, one of the famous Indian festivals of colors. The average high and low fluctuate between 24°C to 33°C (approx.). Cochin in March is the 2nd warmest month before April. Expect 9 hours of sunshine and 2 to 4 days of rain in Kochi. We advise you to cool yourself in the backwaters rides in the afternoon flanked by the palm-fringed canals and then head to the beaches in the evening.

Kochi Temperature in April

This month in Kochi is an extension of March, and everything goes the same, from humidity to heat. But not that much to stop you from the day sightseeing. Everything remains open, and you can indulge in outdoor activities like houseboat trips, art galleries, and museums, with an average temperature ranging between a minimum of 25°C to a maximum of 33°C (approx.). Rain is expected to hit the ground for 6 days (approx.) while the sunshine would embrace the weather for 8 hours (approx.). Therefore, April is one of the best times to visit Kochi if you look for the cost-cutting factor in accommodations. But remember that April is also one of those times when the seawater is warm if you go for the beach hopping at noon.

Kochi Temperature in May

Roll on to Kochi in May in Kerala if you want to snag the discounted accommodations. This is when the weather and temperature of Kochi is hot and humid, and it is perfect for cruising the Kochi blue water to visit the Vallarpadam, Willingdon, and Vypeen Islands. These islands are flanked with lush greenery, and you will get respite from the day's oppressive heat, which hovers around 33°C (approx.). Meanwhile, you can have the best cultural experience at Kathakali Center, where your family, kids, and spouse will love witnessing the ancient Kathakali dance performance. Since May in Cochin is the last month of pre-monsoon summer, the rain is expected to hit for 11 days (approx.) with an average of 6 hours of sunshine.

Kochi Temperature in June

In June, the Kochi climate is the commencement of the Southwest monsoon and is known as the wettest month in Kochi, where rainfall hits the surface for 26 days (approx.). Therefore, indulging in any watersports, be it at beaches or backwater houseboat cruises, is not suggested, no matter how lucrative the deals might get. Kochi's temperature and climate in June make it one of the least visited places in Kerala during the monsoon. If you don't have beach sightseeing in the May itinerary of Kochi, visit the churches, temples, and forts, and relish the South Indian delicacies at the cafes. Furthermore, the USP of Kochi tourism in June is their Ayurvedic resorts, where tourists can pamper their mind, body, and soul while hearing the lullaby of the rain and seeing the rain-drenched landscape.

Kochi Temperature in July

From June till September, the Kochi climate invokes downpour for more than 23 days (approx.) with an average of 5 hours (approx.) of sunshine. Like June, July is also the peak monsoon phase; therefore, only monsoon-friendly activities can be enjoyed! Houseboat trips and beach activities are strictly prohibited due to strong waves. Instead, take time to revitalize your senses at the Ayurveda resorts in Kochi, explore the temples and churches, and become a shopper. Moreover, if you are into landscape photography, keep your camera ready to capture the lushness of Kochi. The daily high temperature is around 29.3°C (approx.) which rarely falls below at night by 23.7°C (approx.)

Kochi Temperature in August

Both the July and the August temperature and climate of Kochi hold striking resemblance. Even the humidity in the day is less compared to the other months. One could observe the slightest moisture in the air of August with the average daily high of 29.3°C (approx.). The nights with an average of 23.9°C (approx.) are the minimum temperature, making the night in Kochi pleasant. But rainfall is constant for 20 days, bringing the surrounding with lush greenery. Don't expect more than 5 hours of sunshine in Kochi in August. Talking of activities, sightseeing, and experiences, pretty much the same as every other monsoon month in Kochi.

Kochi Temperature in September

The advent of September in Kochi is the last extension of the Southwest monsoon season. Since the whole of Kochi gets drenched with rain for 4 months, the Kochi temperature in September cools down a little. Still, beach activities and houseboat excursions are subject to be operational under some rules and regulations because the climate is still unpredictable when you are in God's Own Country. After all, rain is supposedly happening in Kerala for up to 9 months annually. Kochi temperature in September is experiencing low as 24°C (approx.) and high as 30°C (approx.). Therefore, it's a good idea to bring your kids and family and visit the Elephant Training Center and explore the nearby vicinity of Kochi like Kumarkom and Alleppey for bird watching activities.

Kochi Temperature in October

October marks the onset of the tourism season in Kochi, which gains its full pace after the first week of November. People started getting to Kochi for beach activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming in the shallow and protected regions. With the average daily high of 30°C (approx.) and the average low at night around 24°C (approx.), the humidity will not be a troubling facet of Kochi tourism in October. But it is also the advent of the Northeast monsoon, so expect 14 days of rainfall. Cruise the houseboats, explore the Kochi Fort, watch the Chinese Fishing Nets, and visit the amusement park with family, spouse, or kids. Expect a little hike in the accommodation, but advance booking can help you snag discounted deals.

Kochi Temperature in November

Bid farewell to the retreating monsoon in Kochi with the advent of November and instead bask in the winter vibes of the Kochi. Although, you might not feel the same crispness in the air as in Kerala's Western Ghats since Kochi is the coastal town. Expect to enjoy all sorts of activities in Kochi, from cruising the backwaters on the houseboats to becoming a beach hopper in the morning, day, and night. The sunshine would last for 6 hours (approx.), with the average low and high ranging between 24°C - 31°C (approx.).

Kochi Temperature in December

Apart from the fact that Kochi temperature in December marks the first peak month of winter in Kochi, this is the month when the rainfall is a minimum of around 2 days (approx.), and the sunshine hits the ground for 7 hours (approx.). With the average low and high temperature hovering between 23°C to 31°C (approx.), tourism in Kochi flourishes because of the Kochi Carnival at Kochi Fort. If you are looking to plan a honeymoon in Kochi, the climate and weather of Kochi are best at this time. However, accommodation costs skyrocket due to the massive tourism influx.

Each season of Kochi has something to offer for its visitors. You can plan your holiday in Kochi in any month. Contact our tour experts to know more about Kochi tourism and book your customizable tour packages.

Kochi Temperature, Weather Condition & Forecast

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14 Jun
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Rain: 87%
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