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Shopping in Kovalam

With several shacks or businesses lined up along the beach side, shopping in Kovalam is quite a fascinating experience. The statues made of rosewood and teakwood in Kovalam are well-known. In Kovalam, there are numerous stores that sell handicrafts, from carpets to clothing. Kovalam's beach side district is a shopping mecca. Small beachside shacks are perfect for finding gorgeous treasures and tiny handmade items. In addition to these things, there is a large selection of beachwear and jewelry created from shells available for purchase in Kovalam.

List of Shopping Markets in Kovalam

  • Kovalam Beach: This store is primarily found in the Kovalam neighborhood near Lighthouse Beach. Sarongs in a range of colors and weights are available for purchase here.
  • SM Handloom Center: You can purchase garments and clothing made of silk, cotton, linen, and other materials in this store. In Kovalam, it is close to Hotel Jeevan House.
  • Joseph & Sons Shop: Spices like cardamom, saffron, coriander, vanilla beans, cinnamon, dried ginger, fenugreek, mustard, nutmeg, and mace, as well as tamarind, aniseed, asafoetida, and palm jaggery are available at Joseph & Sons Shop. It is situated in Kovalam, next to Sandy Beach Hotel and Lighthouse Beach.
  • Varkala Beach: The Shops is a fantastic area to buy beachwear and jewelry made of seashells and is located close to Kovalam.

Things to Buy in Kovalam

Many stores sell handicrafts, second-hand jewelry, rosewood and teakwood decor, seashell jewelry, and other products in Kovalam. You can find handicraft and souvenir stores selling "ethnic" items from Kashmir, Rajasthan, and Tibet. The city is well-known for its carpets, ethnic clothing, and statues made of teak and rosewood.

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