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Restaurants in Kozhikode

Kozhikode being a major trade center and one of the most important tourist destinations in Kerala, the town is frequented by numerous visitors all through the year. Besides several tourist attractions like serene beaches, lush green countryside, and historic sites, Kozhikode offers several hotels and restaurants to facilitate the tourists visiting the destination. Eating is always a delectable affair in Kozhikode and the Restaurants in Kozhikode serve a variety of cuisines and treat the guests to some unique dining experiences.

While in Kozhikode, one must try the local Malabari Cuisine. The restaurants in Kozhikode abound in local delicacies like ' Pathiri and Erachi Curry' (pathiri is very soft bread made from rice dough cooked on a banana leaf; erachi curry indicates mutton or beef curry cooked in the authentic Malabar style). Don't miss the mildly flavored, gently cooked 'Malabar Moppila Biriyani' which is a favorite of both locals and visitors.

Among the seafood varieties on offer at the restaurants in Kozhikode, 'mussels' are the most popular. 'Aradika' is a nicely flavored concoction of mussel and rice flour, cooked in the shell.

The local cuisine at Kozhikode has a strong Arab influence which is evident from the rich meat curries and desserts available. In recent times, Arabic cuisine has emerged as a major attraction for gourmets in the town, with the result that several of the fast food joints and restaurants in Kozhikode have started offering authentic Arabian delicacies. Kajah's Hot Buns at the Marwa Palace and Al-Bake Arabic Restaurant on Mavoor, are among the best places to relish some exclusive Arabian specialties. Try the specially cooked Mandhi dishes made with mutton, chicken, fish, prawns that they serve.

Some of the well known vegetarian and non vegetarian restaurants in Kozhikode include Asma Towers, Dakshin - the Veg, Hyson, Calicut Towers, Woodlands, Hotel Vigneswara, Blue Fox (Bank Rd), Red Tomato, Kalpaka Tourist Home (Veg), Sana Rice Bowl (Paramount Tower), to name a few.

And of course, many of the food joints in Kozhikode have the "chilled beer available" sign displayed.