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Shopping in Kumarakom

The enchanting backwater destination of Kumarakom is an amazingly beautiful tourist's paradise, revered by al for its scenic natural beauty, lush mangrove forests, coconut canopies and extensive paddy fields interspersed with meandering waterways and canals.

Although not one of the hottest shopping destinations in Kerala, Kumarakom is a pleasant place to indulge in some leisurely shopping when you are free and not wandering into the depths of the wildlife sanctuary or cruising down the charming backwaters. Shopping in Kumarakom can be a nice experience because the various items available here are generally of good quality and would tempt you to pick souvenirs from the shops scattered in the town.Kumarakom include metal-ware, camel-bone carvings, wood carvings, articles made of coconut shell, bamboo and cane, embroidered screw-pine (pandanas palm) mats, grass mats, and various other types of handicrafts items. The people of Kerala are wonderful artisans and all these finely crafted items are much sought after by tourists visiting Kumarakom.

Shopping in Kumarakom can also include various antique items, jewelry, readymade garments, and ethnic hand-woven textiles, which are also easily available in the local markets.

You will also find various gift items typical of the state of Kerala during shopping in Kumarakom. These can range from products as diverse as lampshades and fashion accessories like earrings, to brass lamps, 'kathakali' masks and so on.

Other decent buys at Kumarakom include fresh and aromatic spices which are quite abundant here.

But if you want to indulge in an extensive shopping spree, then Cochin - at about 70 km from Kumarakom, will be the perfect shopping haunt for you.