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Things to Do in Lansdowne

If you are planning a trip to Lansdowne with your friends, family, spouse, there are many invigorating things to do in Lansdowne. This is a cantonment town founded under the British Raj and is now the battalion of the Garhwal Rifles regiment. Many tourists plan their Lansdowne tour package in the quest for boating fun at Bhulla Lake and trekking excursions. But hardly few know that the same Bhulla Lake surrounding is an excellent nature’s bed for camping in the lush green vicinity. One such distinguishable feature of Lansdowne is that it is well maintained. Hence, from safety parameters, this cantonment town is one of the places in north India to indulge in adventure activities like paragliding, riverside camping, museum, and temple hopping. Well, the list can go on and on because there is so much to do in Lansdowne. 

In this Lansdowne travel guide, we want you to know the best things to do in Lansdowne. Plus, we will share some practical information about the adventure activities to do in Lansdowne in a specific season. We have put everything you need in one place so you can have the hassle-free Lansdown holidays in 2023. 

Tourist Attractions and Places to visit in Lansdowne

Visit to Kanvashram

If you want to add a touch of divinity to your Lansdowne tour package, visit Kanvashram. This attraction in Lansdowne is snugged in the lush green forested setting and is hugged by the River Malini. Find the mythological tale about this holy ashram in Lansdowne, which states that Kanvashram was once the meditation place of the Rishis or Sages like Vishwamitra and Kanva.

  • Distance from Lansdowne Main Market: 50 kilometers/2 hours
  • Visiting hours: 24 hours
  • Entry fee: Free for all 

Go for Shopping 

Shop till your jaws get dropped with happiness in this cantonment town. There are many places for shopping in Lansdowne around the town that also sell leather items, artifacts, Garhwali souvenirs, and seasonal stuff in the clothing category! If you are traveling to Lansdowne on your honeymoon, indulge in shopping with your spouse because it is one of the best things to do in Lansdowne for couples. 

  • Visiting hours: 10 am to 9 pm 

Enjoy Camping 

The dense forests of deodar, oak trees, and carpet of rhododendron in Lansdowne valleys make camping one of the best adventure activities to enjoy in Lansdowne. One can enjoy camping in Lansdowne all year round except for two months - July to the first half of September because it’s monsoon season. Imagine stargazing under the millions of stars above your head and bonfire next to you, and you are surrounded by your favorite humans. The best thing about camping in Lansdowne is to pitch your own tent under the expert’s supervision which is a rare deal. 

  • Campsites names: Eden Riverside Camp, Camp Awara Lansdowne, Camp Chayan Lansdowne
  • Cost of camping: Starts at INR 1000 onwards per person for one night

Take Boat Ride in Bhulla Lake

Watch ducks on the duck-shaped boats in Bhulla Lake. The boating activity in Bhulla Lake is one of the best things to do in Lansdowne with friends. Choose the boat during the morning and evening for the best views around you! This is when the migratory birds flourish around the lush green lake surrounding them. There is a Bamboo Machan and one Children’s park at the Bhulla Lake boundary. Lastly, walking on the waterside paths of Bhulla Lake is one of the best activities in Lansdowne for couples. 

  • Visiting hours: 8 am - 6 pm 
  • Boating cost: INR 150 (approx.) including entrance

Go for Birdwatching 

Put on your binoculars and recharge your DSLR to witness the migratory birds in action. If you are with kids, enjoy birdwatching in Lansdowne, one of the best things to do in all the season. Lansdowne has no specific place for birdwatching because almost every nook and corner of Lansdowne is a perfect birdwatcher’s paradise. For instance, when you are boating in Bhulla Lake, spot the common merganser, ruddy shelduck, blue-eyed ground dove, great Indian bustard roaming fearlessly in the Himalayan habitat. 

  • Places for birdwatching: Bhulla Lake, Tip n Top Viewpoint, Snow View Point
  • Activity cost: Free for all

Visit Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya

Pay a visit to this historical Defence Museum in Lansdowne to be proud of the achievements of the Garhwal Rifles. A visit to Darwan Singh Sangrahalya is rewarding because it allows tourists to witness the rare photographs, weapons, coins of the British era in Lansdowne. You can visit this Army museum in Lansdowne all the week except on Wednesday as it is closed. Plus, there is a lush green setting at Darwan Singh Sangrahalaya, which will let your kids be indulged in playful games. 

  • Visiting hours: 9 am 12 pm, 3 pm - 6 pm
  • Entry fee: INR 50 per person for all

Trek to Snow Viewpoint

How to enroll yourself to witness the best views of the Trishul and Chaukhamba peaks? Simply embark on a trek to Snow View Point through dense forests encompassing Himalayan vegetation. One needs to step out a little outside from the main town, 3 km, to reach Snow View Point. During winter and summer, sunset and sunrise are the best experiences to enjoy at Snow Viewpoint. 

  • Visiting hours: 8 am - 5 pm (sunrise to sunset)
  • Entry fee: Free for all

Visit Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple

This ancient temple is snuggled in the lush green vicinity and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Visit Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple in the quest for mindfulness retreat in the DevBhoomi. It is a Sidhpeeth temple of Uttrakhand, and hence, the trees around the Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple are also considered sacred. 

  • Visiting hours: 6 am - 9 pm (sunrise to sunset)
  • Entry fee: Free for all 

Indulge in Nature Walk 

If you think the nature walks are rewarding in terms of tranquil bliss, then indulge in a nature walk in the Lansdowne. This activity to do in Lansdowne is for everyone, including kids to adults. Depending on your endurance, one can enjoy nature walks for 2-3 walks and pass through oak, deodar, and pine forests. Camping is a great option amidst nature, and you can indulge in a nature walk in Lansdowne free of cost, irrespective of the season. But seek forest department assistance for delving deep into the forests as Himalayan wildlife thrives in the deeper pockets of the lush green forests. 

  • Visiting hours: 6 am - 6 pm (sunrise to sunset)
  • Entry fee: Free for all 

Visit St. John’s Church

Visiting Lansdowne and not exploring its churches is the same as visiting a waterpark and not getting wet. Lansdowne itself was established after the then Viceroy of India during British heydays, and hence, colonial legacy and charm prevailed in every nook and corner of Lansdowne. And St. John’s Church is no exception. You must visit this holy place in Lansdowne because St John’s Church is the only functional church of Lansdowne. This Roman Catholic church has a striking resemblance to the catholic England churches. 

  • Visiting hours: 8 am - 5 pm
  • Entry fee: Free for all

Hike to Tip n Top Viewpoint

This hilltop viewpoint in Lansdowne provides sweeping views of the Shivalik Range, and reaching there is pretty much easy. Hike to Tip n Tip Viewpoint in the quest for an easy trekking experience with your parents, also irrespective of the season. The trek to Tip in Tip Viewpoint starts from Gandhi Park Lansdowne Market and is of 2.1 km distance. When you descend down from the summit, stay at the nearby hut house provided by GMVN for a night's stay. If you want to see the sunrise through the snow-capped Himalayas, embark on a short trek to Tip in Tip Viewpoint. Expect to pay a lump sum entrance fee since this place is maintained by the Indian Army. 

  • Visiting hours: 6 am - 6 pm (sunrise to sunset)
  • Entry fee: Free for all 

Visit Bhim Pakora

Also called Bhim Pakora, this tourist attraction in Lansdowne demands a visit from you if you are a religious buff. Unfold the mythological tale at the Bhim Pakora, which goes like Pandavas spend one day at this place during their exile. And Bhim, owing to its great strength, put one boulder on another, which can still be seen. Watching the two boulders on one another constitutes one of the best things to do in Lansdowne. You have to trek 2 km downhill which is a rough path but demands a visit if you want to indulge in fun things to do in Lansdowne all year round.

  • Visiting hours: 6 am - 6 pm (sunrise to sunset)
  • Entry fee: Free for all