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Wildlife in Leh-Ladakh

At a spectacular height of 4,600 m above sea level in the outer Himalayas with peaks ranging from 5,800 to 7,600 m, Ladakh is the mysterious land of passes with unexplored places. It is home to the national parks where you can spot some exotic Wildlife in Leh-Ladakh. You can add a wildlife tour in Ladakh package with us and embark on the exploration tour of this scenic land.

Discovered by the Chinese traveler Fa-Hian, Ladakh has an arid landscape with dryness around. The land where snow never melts, Ladakh is a windswept country with sparse vegetation.The region is also inhabited by Tibetan wolves, known for their stunning appearance and remarkable hunting skills. Ladakh wildlife sanctuary is an ideal place to spot these well-adapted canines in their natural habitat.

The night sky is unique, clear, and crisp, with thousands of stars blinking and effusing an ethereal atmosphere. This remote place had many animals found in Ladakh and birds living in the extremes of temperature. Ladakh wild animals are different from any other part of the country.

If you are on a rendezvous to Leh and Ladakh and want to catch a glimpse of its wildlife, you can trek at the height of 6000 m to spot Snow Leopard. During summers, the shaggy-looking yak is distinguished by its long black hair and flecked with gray at the muzzle. These wild oxenare the largest animals in the cold desert and are found in the low marshy lands and lakes during winters. 

Fauna of Ladakh:

Leh-Ladakh is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Here, the snow leopard is one of the most elusive and recognizable species. 

Below is a list of some of the other major Ladakh animals that are found in the region:

Tibetan Wolf

This Tibetan Wolf is one of the subcategories of the gray wolf. Their weight is around 30 to 35 kg and their height is around 76 cm. This species of wolf is one of the largest species of the wolf. They are mostly found in the region of Zanskar, Changthang, Upper Suru valley and Markha valley. 

Eurasian Lynx

Just like Snow leopard this is also one of the rarest mammals present on this planet. Their fur is used widely in the fashion industry. They are found in the Nubra valley near Hunder and Panamik and in the area of Gya-Meru. 

Red Fox

The most common animal species in Ladakh, their fur is reddish in color with long, silky hair. They are heavily hunted for their furs, which is why their population is declining. They mostly live in crevices and burrows.

Himalayan Brown Bear

This is one of the subcategories of Brown bear. They are the largest carnivores in the region of Himalayas. 

Blue Sheep or Bharal

They are usually referred as Napo in Ladakh and are found all over Ladakh.


The most magnificent sheep are the Nyan, always found at 4,500 m above sea level. Also known as the Great Tibetan sheep, they are found in flocks in the extreme eastern portion of Ladakh.

These are some of the species of animals you can find in Ladakh. There are many more species other than this which you can spot. Therefore, Wildlife in Leh-Ladakh is actually considered as a hub of wild animals. But there are many species that are declining so now the wildlife department of Ladakh is trying its best to preserve them.

Wildlife lovers can brave the cold to look for the different species of birds and animals in Leh and Ladakh. It is interesting to note their habitat and watch them adapt to climate extremes. Contact us for more information and book a wildlife tour to Ladakh with us. Our travel experts can help you to plan a tour to Ladakhaccording to your requirements with which you can enjoy the trip!



Q1 : Which is the largest animal found in Ladakh?

Ans: Tibetan argali is the largest animal in Ladakh. In Ladakh, it is known as Nayan.

Q2 : What is the rare animal in Ladakh?

Ans: Ladakh is home to rare animals such as Snow leopards, Tibetan wolves, Argalis, and black-necked cranes.

Q3 : What birds of Ladakh are notable?

Ans: Ladakh is a birdwatcher's paradise, with opportunities to see species like the Lammergeier vulture, Tibetan sandgrouse, Himalayan snowcock, and black-necked crane.

Q4 : What is the Ladakh urial?

Ans: Ans: Ladakh is home to a species of wild sheep known as the Ladakh urial. With a reddish-brown coat, curved horns, and a white rump patch, it has a striking appearance.

Q5 : What is the national bird of Ladakh?

Ans: Black Necked Crane is the national bird of Ladakh.

Q6 : What type of plants can be found in Ladakh?

Ans: Ladakh has many plants, including willows, poplars, grasses and shrubs, along with fruit trees such as apples, apricots, and walnuts./p>