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Golf Courses in Kodaikanal

It is quite interesting to know that in all the four directions in India you will get access to world famous golf courses of which golf courses in South India demand special attention. It is really fun to try hands at this royal sport in this beautiful and stunning part of India that basically comprises of Bangalore, Ooty, Mysore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Kodaikanal. You can first take a move towards the picturesque and truly gorgeous Golf Courses in Kodaikanal.

One of the very famous Kodaikanal Golf Courses is Kodaikanal Golf Club. This golf course was founded on June 17, 1895.

This is an 18-hole par 66 course stretching over natural grasslands. It is intermittently dotted with streams. It is around 6 km from the heart of the town on the route to pillar rocks. The course extends around 6426 yards. It is held that this course was designed by the British architects.

Kodaikanal Golf Club which has truly earned immense recognition not only among the top golf courses in Kodaikanal but in India also is located on the Golf links Road linking the Kochi road quite adjacent to the noted tourist attraction view point 'Suicide Point' or 'Green Valley View'.

When you arrive at Kodaikanal Golf Club on tours to Golf Clubs in Kodaikanal you will come across the important fact that it’s been very recently that this club house surrendered the 19th hole to cut on the extra expenses of license. However, this in no way has affected the quality of the ground. Its 18-hole play is very interesting indeed and the finest greens decorating course like emerald add extra charm to the game. Today this course is extended over 150 acres of the land.

The Golf courses in Kodaikanal feature some very interesting and intriguing points. Like others the fascinating and impressive point about Kodaikanal Golf Club is that it has assigned some very amazing names to the holes depending upon the challenges the golfer has to face. To state laconically, the 4th hole is named the Devil's Dip. The fairway from the tee-box to the green is very dip and which expands with one's sight. The 12th hole is called the 'Cardiac Hole' for it involves strenuousness walk and the stroke. The 15th hole has the longest yardage of 587 yards and requires two best shots to sight the green. Bit different from these is the 6th hole named as the 'Tiger Hole'. It has been so called because some tigers near it could be sighted previously.

Unlike other Kodaikanal Golf Courses, you can play at Kodaikanal Golf Club for around 3 hours to cover all the holes. In this renowned golf club around 50 tournaments are organized in one year. Some of the tournaments of repute played here include Palani Hill Open, Veday Cup, Rudrappan Memorial Cup, Contessa Open and A V Thomas Tournament (recently introduced). These are usually hosted between end April and the beginning of June.