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Golf Courses in Kolkata

Earlier golf was played generally by elitist class but this game where precision and concentration are highly required has now become popular amongst the general public. Golf Courses in Kolkata have been upgraded and revamped in keeping with recent demand.

When speaking of the Golf Courses in Kolkata, the first that comes to mind is the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Located at 18 Golf Club Road, Kolkata, this is the oldest golf club in the country and the first ever golf club in any country outside Great Britain. Characterized by18 holes, 72 par, yardage of 7195/6871, 73.6/72.1 ratings, this Golf Club is a great place to be for all golf lovers.    

This Golf Club was inaugurated during the visit of King George V and his wife Queen Mary and they conferred the title Royal to it. Another interesting club is the Tollygunge Club, Kolkata. It is situated at 120, Deshpran Sasmal Road and is one of the important Golf Courses in Kolkata, West Bengal. There are 18 holes over here. While the par is 71 the yardage is 6520/5686.

This Golf Club has a significant colonial history. It was acquired by Sir William Cruikshank in the year 1895. It is said that this person had a deep interest for Golf and therefore he made this nice Golf Club. An interesting part of this club is the Hydrophobia Hole. This is the 14th hole which is achieved only by crossing a stretch of water; hence the name Hydrophobia Hole.

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