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Golf courses in South India

In India you can golf almost anywhere, for this outdoors sport is widely played by cross-section of people. In the hills and high Himalayan enormity, in metropolitan cities and in small towns of India, by lakes and forests, or bounded by tea estates, out in the desert and in old British cantonments, golf courses in India flaunts a variety of backdrops.

Golf courses in South India are very famous. The known golf courses which offer outstanding golfing experience in south India comprise of The Gymkhana Club Golf Course in Chennai, which was opened up in 1886 and The Gymkhana Club in Ooty, which is located at a sweeping height of 7,600 feet. This pretty course was designed by Ross Thompson and is situated amidst the beautiful Eucalyptus, Oak, and Fir grooves. Another well-known golf course is The Presidency Golf Club in Bangalore, established in 1876 and is a great golfing venue with the well-manicured greens.

Other famous golf courses in south India is The Ooty Golf Course which features soft contours of down land, with its good looking trees that shoot up to towering heights, ringed with gorse and thickly wooded copses of Eucalyptus, Oak Rhododendron and fir in the Hollows. It helps the ball to travel much further than it would in plains because of the rarefied atmosphere.

Among the other renowned golf courses in South India, the Chennai golf course is quite favored because the green are well kept and the golf course lies inside the Gindy racecourse. The fairways are flat and fast and encircled by the out of bounds racetrack. The greens are lush and well maintained and also strategically located, mostly along the track. Hazards on the course include thick rough, bunkers and water tanks. There are also unpredictable obstructions like the racehorses on their workouts. These golf courses offer 18 holes with great ambience. South India Golf courses also feature 9 holes for beginners and amateurs.

South India Golf courses are a green heaven amidst a concrete jungle. These courses spread over miles and miles of virgin land. The golf courses tempt the experts as well the enthusiasts who want to learn the tricks of playing. Major tourist attractions in South India are the verdant golf courses which offer tremendous scope for golfing.

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