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Golf courses in West India

The rich tradition, culture and heritage of India have inspired a lot of visionaries to write about it and let the other people know about this mesmerizing land. Travel in India always involves recreation, and entertainment and sporting options is one of the things that tourists who come here to spend their holidays, look forward to. In the present day, golf is gaining a lot of popularity in the whole world and the golf courses in west India are growing in leaps and bounds.

During the British rule, golf was the sport for the elite, but with the over throwing of the British kingdom,it is fast becoming a general form of sport and has gained popularity with the general public like any other sport e.g. cricket football and so on. There are golf clubs in almost all major Indian cities but the West India golf courses are known for their unique distinction from the other golf courses of India.

Golf courses in West India have been known for their splendor and regal charm since they were frequented by the royal figures. With the growth of tourism, Goa’s luxury hotels made an attempt to incorporate the facility for golf courses and they have succeeded. The Leela Palace, The Taj, The intercontinental and the Ramard are some of the most popular names among the golf courses in West India. The greens, the calm environment and the facilities and services offered by the above mentioned golf clubs are simply unrivalled.

The golf lovers from the various parts of India as well as abroad, flock here to test their skill and talent. Golfing in West India is best experienced when the environment is of a royal type and the setting is tranquil. The Gaekwad Baroda golf club is one such that offers its tourists a lot of scope to enjoy and hone their skills amidst the best facilities and amenities available.