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Golf Tips and Tricks

The game is usually played on Golf Courses each of which is uniquely designed and consists of 9 or 18 separate holes. In Golf tournaments, individual with lowest number of strokes is declared a winner. Modern Golf has its origin in Scotland in United Kingdom. The second country to recognize this game is India. Like Cricket and Tennis, Golf is increasingly gaining popularity worldwide. Earlier, this game was confined with the boundaries of rich elite classes. However, the game has gained popularity among the masses in recent times. Playing of Golf requires the knowledge of the rules of the game. is your one-stop search for Golf Tips and Tricks.

Golf Tips Tricks

Every game of golf is based on playing a number of holes in a given sequence. A hole of golf consists of hitting the ball from a tee, a marked area chosen for the first short and the hitting continues till the ball enters the hole. But it should be kept in mind that the minimum is the number of hits, the better it is. There are numerous basic tips for playing golf some of which are given below:

Golf is a game of concentration where each stroke requires careful attention.

Bunker (bare earth or sand) may be difficult for beginner players, but it is not difficult to get the ball out of it.

While playing with a driver, one should keep the concentration level high.

One should have a grip of the stick with all ten fingers. A proper grip makes it easy to play with the ball.

Handle of the club should be kept a little ahead of the ball.

Posture is a major importance in this game. One should stand erect at any distance from the ball and place the head of the club behind the ball and let the club rest against the knee. Now the knees should be bend a little to get with a comfortable position with the ball and finally proper grip should be maintained while discharging the ball.

A proper swing is also important while playing golf. One should first get into a posture of playing a stroke. After that, one should take a perfect round swing to start with and keep practicing without hitting the balls. But it should be kept in mind that one should not break his wrist. Then the club should be stopped over the top of the head for a second and power should be generated in bringing down the club. Now, the ball should be is your one-stop search for all that you wanted to know on theGolf is not a game of fixed patterns. Each time a different playing environment associated with the playing of this game and so adjustment with the Course matters much. This is where experience of playing the game at different locations becomes useful.