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Smriti Mehra

 The competition is considerably high and with improved conditions numerous Indian players have already succeeded in making their presence felt on both the national as well as international arena. Among the eminent golfers in India as per women players are concerned Smriti Mehra is one name that inspires awe in every sport buff.

The popular Golfer Smriti Mehra was born on 21st May in the year 1972. She has the honor of being the 1st woman from India who joined as the member of the world’s reputed golf tour of women known as LPGA Tour.

Smriti Mehra

LPGA stands for the Ladies Professional Golf Association. It is an US based organization which work towards the betterment of female professional golf players.

Smriti Mehra also referred to as Smriti Mehra Guffin has made all the Indian women proud with her achievements and dedication. Born and brought up in Kolkata, Smriti Mehra’s career as a professional golfer started in the year 1994. Ever since she started playing, Smriti Mehra never looked back. She grew as a winner on the second tier Futures Tour in 1996 and secured promotion to the renowned LPGA Tour. Her two victories in the tour made her path little easier.

After a series of wins, in 2005 Smriti Mehra had to undergo a shoulder surgery to be able to participate in the forthcoming Futures Tour. Smriti Mehra’s strong performance in the LPGA Tour held in October 2005 proved once again her superiority in the home country. Golfers like Heather Daly-Donofrio, Hilary Lunke and Celeste Troche were also present in the first Women's Professional Skins Game in India.

Some of the prestigious titles which Smriti Mehra has won are:

  • Malaysian National Championship (1993)
  • Indian National Match Play Championship, Indian National Sroke Play Championship (1994)
  • Green Mountain National FUTURES Golf Classic (1996)
  • Frye Classic, Hunters Oak FUTURES Golf Classic (2004)