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Carpet Weaving in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh occupies the center stage in the map of India. It is due to its central location that Madhya Pradesh has been influenced by a number of cultural cross-currents that were instrumental in shaping the unique and distinctive culture and heritage of the state. The same is true of the arts of Madhya Pradesh that bear the unmistakable imprint of Rajput, Maratha, British and Mughal elements.

The art of carpet weaving, Madhya Pradesh, India could not remain totally uninfluenced and incorporated a number of foreign elements that helped to enrich it.

The arts of Madhya Pradesh have evolved through generations and undergone changes for the better. There has been a change in the materials used or the products manufactured but the long traditional heritage imparts a distinctive individuality to the arts of the Madhya Pradesh and this is equally true with regard to carpet weaving in Madhya Pradesh.

Carpet weaving as a craft came to India via Persia. The craft received the patronage and unstinted support of the Mughals. In fact it was due to the Mughal support and encouragement that Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh evolved into a major center of carpet weaving in Madhya Pradesh.

The history of carpet weaving can be traced back to Iran. The art of carpet weaving is a delicate one and demands highly skilled and deft craftsmen to do justice to it. Due to the dearth of archeological evidence, nothing much can be stated about the changes that took place in the art of carpet weaving, but from the few pieces of worn-out carpets that remains to corroborate the existence of the craft, it can be inferred that the material that was mostly used comprised of wool, silk and cotton.

When talk veers to Madhya Pradesh carpet weaving, mention must be made of the deft craftsmen of Gwalior who are considered as the undisputed masters of the art of weaving as well as dyeing. Gwalior's carpet industry is a flourishing one, thanks to the fine quality of weaving teamed up with imaginative designs and motifs that have been acclaimed worldwide. You simply can't resist the temptation of picking up the fine woolen carpets, bright in color and flaunting floral and geometric designs.

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