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Dhurrie Weaving

The floor coverings of Madhya Pradesh comprise mainly of dhurries which are flat-woven carpets in a rich variety of designs. A dhurrie, essentially a thick cotton woven fabric, is made near Sironj. Dhurrie Weaving is famous and admired arts and crafts of Madhya Pradesh. The technique of making these dhurries is quite primitive, but the colors and patterns catch the fancy of every traveler.

Madhya Pradesh Dhurrie weaving is the domain of women in the rural homes of Sironj, Jhabua, Raigarh and Jabalpur. Women gather in one place and make these beautiful items which are admired by all. Usually cotton and woollen punja dhurries, handwoven in various colors, with patterns based on kiln designs, geometric traditional motifs and animal and human figures are in great demand.

The dhurrie weaving of Madhya Pradesh is well known for theirthe sturdiness and bright colors of the dhurrie items. The weaving is generally done by hand operated pit-looms. These bright colored dhurries are done in the most traditional way of weaving. Crafts persons dye the yarn according to the design and the arrangement required to finish the product add a special finesse to the product.

In Traditional dhurrie weaving are is known all over for their attractive designs. Conventionally they have pinkish- white back ground and bright red colourcolor designs. The designs are separated by black or bright red color lines. Artisans work on many kinds of motifs on the dhurries. Some of them have geometric designs, leaves and flowers. The exquisiteness of the craftsmanship showers from the neempati motif which has 24- petal flowers surrounded by flowers and leaves. Sun is taken as a very auspicious and it reflects new life. Sunflower design is another motif which is made purely in yellow color or as preferred by the buyer. While on tour to Madhya Pradesh, do not forget to shop for the exquisite dhurrie weaving items. 

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