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Mandana Painting Madhya Pradesh

On a tour to Madhya Pradesh, there are many things to see and enjoy, be it a sightseeing tour to historical sites of Madhya Pradesh or shopping in Madhya Pradesh. However, what will take you close to the culture and traditions of Madhya Pradesh are the arts of Madhya Pradesh.

You will absolutely be enthralled by the deftness of the artists who create magic through their refined works. Madhya Pradesh is popular for different types of arts of which carpet weaving, dhurrie weaving, terra cotta pottery are very renowned. However, the art that exemplifies true tribal influence is Mandana Painting.

Mandana Painting in Madhya Pradesh, India is famous for reflecting the expressions of the people. This painting also represents the socio-cultural ambience of the region. The significance of Mandana Paintings is that they are not only used as decorative articles to embellish walls and floors but also illustrate the religious inclinations of the devout. 

The theme of Madhya Pradesh Mandana Painting is extensively based upon local festivals such as Karwa Chauth, Deepawali, Ahoi Ashtami, Nag Panchmi and Sanjhi. In Mandana Painting home made colors are used. Basically, women artists are involved in this art.

To implement Mandana Painting either on wall or floor, a mixture of red clay and cow dung is used. This mixture is applied as a base material to daub the surface. It is done to make the white drawing on the surface more prominent and set a contrast against the base. Some of the very usual motifs that are styled through Mandana Painting are peacocks, cats, lions, goojari, bawari, swastik and chowk.

If you want to relish the beauty of Mandana Painting in Madhya Pradesh then Malwa, Nimar and Tanwarghar in Madhya Pradesh are the ideal destinations to visit.


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