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Mughal Miniature Paintings Madhya Pradesh

The arts of Madhya Pradesh, in any form, are the exemplification of the fact that art and culture of any place is not region-specific. It grows and evolves by imbibing the positive elements of the arts of other cultures and countries that they get to come in close contact with. The same can be said of the Mughal miniature paintings, Madhya Pradesh, India. If Mughal Miniature Paintings in Madhya Pradesh generates interest in you, then is your indispensable on-line e-guide.

Miniature painting as a form of art was introduced to India by the Mughals who in turn picked it up from Iran. It was during the sixteenth century that Humayun happened to be in Iran. He was obliged to stay there for twelve long years and as a fugitive and it was during this period that he developed a liking for exquisitely painted Iranian miniatures. When he returned back, he was accompanied by two of the best artists in the Sultan's place.

Mughal Miniature paintings of Madhya Pradesh are a unique fusion of the Iranian style with the traditional Indian art. The synthesis of the two elements took place during the reign of Humayun who had inherited his father's penchant for arts and his keen aesthetic sensibilities.

Madhya Pradesh Mughal miniature paintings are clearly identifiable from the Iranian miniatures that boast of a philosophical content. The Mughal miniatures in turn, depict a clearly defined narrative content. The usage of vibrant hues like red, blue, yellow and green owes a lot to the native influence. Mughal Miniature paintings, Madhya Pradesh captivate attention by its variety. The themes range from events, court life scenes, hunting scenes and wild life.


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