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Muria Dance

The Murias are the people who belong to the Muria Tribe and reside in the Northern part of Bastar district. The Murias are trained and taught several community dances in the Ghotul. As per the culture and tradition of this clan, the Murias first worship their drum before performing the dance. They basically dance and sing during some occasion and festivals. A colourful picture of the performing arts of Madhya Pradesh can be observed during marriages in the household of the clan. Before performing any dance or song the Murias pray to the 'Lingo Pen', who is the founder of the Ghotul institution and is regarded as the phallic deity of the tribe. 

The Muria dance, Madhya Pradesh is a famous folk dance of Madhya Pradesh and is performed near the Ghotul compound. The dance starts with the boys carrying ritualistic offerings along with the bridegroom to the ceremonial place. The Muria dances are of many types. In this dance, there are a variety of movements. The boys and the girls participate enthusiastically. The dance has a fixed moving pattern with running steps and circles. The performers kneel down, bend and jump as a part of the movement in the Muria Dance, Madhya Pradesh. During the performance of Muria Dance in Madhya Pradesh in India, the drummers also move along with the dancers and keep on manipulating the rhythm.

There are a variety of Muria dance, like, the Hulki, the Har Endanna, the Karsana etc. The dances are performed for fun and enjoyment. The dance steps are quick and vibrant which adds an element of rhythm to the whole form.

Performing Arts of Madhya Pradesh has been an important part of the tradition and culture. Most of the dances and songs and other arts practised in Madhya Pradesh are tribal in nature because of the majority in the tribal population residing in the state. Tourists travelling to Madhya Pradesh can experience this vibrant dance and song culture of the state by going to a fair or during the time of festivals.

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