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Papier Mache

Art and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh form an integral part of the state. They are not only exquisite in their bearings but also utilitarian in their purpose.. With each growing year the Crafts of Madhya Pradesh has gained momentum. The Marathas who ruled here were patrons of grat art , craft and literature. To that end you will find many a temple and palaces with intricate stone work, exquisite wood carving,etc. Infact don't be surprise if you find many of the doors of the commoners in Madhya Pradesh done exquisitely with bamboo designs and art work. Crafts come to the people of Madhya Pradesh naturally and with ease. The craftsmen make intricate and utilitarian objects from something as simple as paper. Papier Mache products are known all throughout Madhya Pradesh. 

Ujjain specializes in the craft form of Papier Mache products. Take a leisurely stroll through Ujjain to check out the beautiful items showcased. These craftsmen generally belong to the Nagvanshi community and they also make mud dolls and figurines. Other places where you could possibly come across Papier Mache items are Bhopal, Gwalior, and Ratlam. Delicately crafted birds, figurines, toy items, animals make the rounds. Natural colors are used to bring in real life effect.

The government of Madhya Pradesh encourages these handmade items as there is a high demand for them throughout India. Moreover it brings considerable revenues to the state. It also helps in uplifting the cause of the backward people and artisans whose main source of income comes from these craftworks.

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