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Relo Tribal Songs

The culture and tradition of Madhya Pradesh reflects a strong knack towards performing arts. Songs and dances have been a major part of the tribal tradition and culture of Madhya Pradesh. The tribal people residing in Madhya Pradesh spend their leisure time in merriment and during their leisure time they practice several kinds of music and dance.

The Relo Tribal Songs, Madhya Pradesh is a musical form practiced by the Muria and Sing Maris tribes residing in the Bastar district in Madhya Pradesh. Relo is among the popular tribal songs of Madhya Pradesh. The tribal people are very lively and are ever enthusiastic about songs and dances. The relo tribal songs in Madhya Pradesh are sung by the Maria tribes during an occasion like marriage and even in fairs and festivals that are held in the areas. The fairs and festivals form an important part of the tribal tradition and culture.

Relo Tribal Songs in Madhya Pradesh in India is sung mostly by the children of the tribe. The relo tribal song is an important and popular song form under the category of performing arts of Madhya Pradesh.

The state of Madhya Pradesh is known for the rich tribal population and their culture which is authentic of the place. The tribal culture has not been affected by the vices of the outside world and still maintains its authenticity and purity of form.

A visit to Madhya Pradesh will definitely give tourist an idea of the performing arts of Madhya Pradesh. Tourists will also get an idea of the tribal songs and dance that are practiced in the state. A visit to the city during the time of fairs and festivals will give a clear idea about the whole scenario and the way the performing arts of the state is carried on in an enthusiastic way.

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