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Silver Jewelry

Shopping for handicrafts in Madhya Pradesh is an experience of its own kind. Almost everywhere in this state, tourists face the difficulty of choosing between old bazaars where shops offers certain specialized items and modern streamlined shopping centers which take pride in their stock of cosmopolitan range of goods. Amongst the various Crafts of Madhya Pradesh, Silver Jewelry is regarded as a popular one.

Silver Jewelry of Madhya Pradesh, India is a major attraction for many tourists coming here. Different types of ear rings, bead chains, chokers and hair ornaments of traditional design are made by the artisans of this state. Many silver ornaments of Madhya Pradesh, India are also studded with expensive pearls and stones. Later, these silver ornaments are coated with enamel work which gives them an attractive look. Hansuli (necklace) and anklets of clove shape are some of the renowned silver jewelries of Madhya Pradesh. The anklets are generally made of silver beads and cast in one piece that's called lauang kasauthi.

The silver jewelry of Madhya Pradesh is most distinctive and comes in a variety of shapes and costs. Some of the jewelries that showcase elaborate and intricate designs are somewhat highly priced while the simpler ones come at a cheaper rate. The various cultural regions of Madhya Pradesh have their own distinct styles that are depicted in their silver jewelries.

So, pack your bags and take the road leading to Madhya Pradesh. Don't forget to shop for the magnificent silver jewelries that would definitely prove to be a cherished buy.

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