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Terracotta Pottery Madhya Pradesh

The arts of Madhya Pradesh have been enriched by the cross-cultural currents. Madhya Pradesh is as much renowned for its tourist attractions as its art forms that have shown a commendable degree of flexibility in the way it has imbibed the artistic elements from the foreign powers that have left their indelible imprint on the culture of Madhya Pradesh.

Among the major arts of Madhya Pradesh, terracotta pottery, Madhya Pradesh, India, need special mention. is your on-line e-travelogue that provides you with all you need to know on terracotta pottery, Madhya Pradesh.

Terracotta pottery in Madhya Pradesh, in particular, the form in which it is practised by the tribals of Bastar is remarkable. Some of the popular terracotta artifacts include the ones that replicate the elephants, serpents, horses and birds. They draw attention by the virtue of their simplicity and commendable finishing.

These finished products are offered as votive prayers to the local deities. Pottery is considered as the first attempt by man at craftsmanship and the artisans of Madhya Pradesh have taken the art of terracotta pottery to a different aesthetic level.

Madhya Pradesh terracotta pottery has been acclaimed in various parts of India and abroad as well. The terracotta items make for decorative show pieces and those traveling to Madhya Pradesh make it a point to purchase a few of them. The craftsmen of Madhya Pradesh display a rare skill and dexterity in the art of moulding terracotta.

Besides the animal figurines the skilled artisans manifest their craftsmanship in the life size images of human forms that are counted among the finest examples of Bundelkhand terracotta. One remarkable feature about the terracotta pottery in Madhya Pradesh is that the art of each region bears its own distinctiveness and individuality.

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