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Eating Out in Madurai

Madurai in Tamil Nadu is a city which is shows the perfect blend of rich heritage and culture of our country. A flourishing capital of the Pandyas and famous for the Meenakshi Temple, Madurai is one of the major tourist attractions of Tamil Nadu. From the beautiful temples to the vintage charm of the yesteryears, Madurai allures the tourists from all over. But apart from the temples, Madurai is famous for its special cuisines that will surely pamper your taste buds

Madurai is not only famous for its gopurams and colorful festivals but even mouthwatering cuisines which will surely pamper your taste buds. From the spicy and fried delicacies to the delicious South Indian cuisines, eating out in Madurai is always a pleasure.

The city has a number of restaurants which will offer you excellent hospitality along with great food. Thali is an interesting option in Madurai where they will serve you meals in an economical package. Eating out in Madurai will be an interesting option if you try out one of these Thalis at the local restaurants.

If you are planning for a eating out in Madurai in quite a classy way then head straight to Taj Garden Retreat in Madurai. The elegant decor and the cozy look will make your eating out in Madurai an excellent experience.

The Surya Rooftop Restaurant, apart from the mouthwatering cuisines will also give you a panoramic view of this city with its temples and their towering spires.

Apart from these there are a number of restaurants in Madurai which serves vegetarian and non vegetarian food.