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Shopping in Madurai

Madurai is a beautiful city in Tamil Nadu. The city of temples and colorful festivals, Madurai allures the tourists from all over. Shopping in Madurai will be a wonderful experience for tourists. Madurai is famous for silks and cotton and also the batiks and shops in Madurai mostly sell these articles.

Famous for its temples, another interesting thing about Madurai is its streets lined with the tailoring shops. These tailors can stitch your clothes in an hour and you can get it soon.

If you are planning to go for shopping in Madurai then drop into the Puthu Mandapam which is an old pillared hall near the entrance of the Meenakshi Temple. This place is famous for its cotton and batik stores. Shopping in Madurai is however incomplete if you do not buy a Sungundi Saree which is a favorite amongst the Indian women. For the sarees and textiles you can drop into the famous Hajemoosa Textiles in Madurai. It's famous for its handlooms and Madurai silk sarees.

If you are out to do some shopping in Madurai to carry home souvenirs from your Madurai Trip then buy the small decorative items made of wood or brass. You can drop into the Cottage Industries Emporiums or the government emporiums in Madurai.