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Excursions from Mandu

Madhya Pradesh, being a state in India which has strong historical connotations, draws large number of travelers from India and abroad. Mandu, one of the significant tourist sites in Madhya Pradesh, is a key tourist attraction among the tourists. Having seen the odds and evens of the different rules in the past of the town of Mandu, it boasts of some of the grand structures, monuments and palaces. However, apart from the tourist sites in the city of Mandu, the Excursions from Mandu to different places around the city are no less exciting.

Setting for the sightseeing trips to different parts of the town is interesting, but the excursions from Mandu can be really gripping. The nearest airport being Indore, you can opt for a trip to the magnificent city of Indore and appreciate the beautiful Kanch Mahal, a Jain temple embellished with glass mirrors, colorful tiles and chandeliers. The scientific use of glass beads and raised forms create the 3-D magic. However, the opulence emitted at this temple is much unlike Mahavira's teachings of simplicity and enlightenment. Also, the palace of Lal Bagh (Nehru Center) is worth paying a visit. A construction exuding blends of French, Italian and Indian architectural styles is sure to win your heart.

The Bagh Caves can turn out to be one of the interesting Excursions from Mandu. The Buddhist Caves dating from 400 to 700 A.D are located on the way between Indore and Vadodara which is quite accessible from Mandu. The mural paintings here are masterpieces created by the artists of the time.

Another of the Excursions from Mandu happens to be Maheswar. This fine city offers wonderful ghats by the Narmada river, allowing you to experience tranquility at its best.


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