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Eating out in Mangalore

Mangalore is situated in the South Indian state of Karnataka and tour to Mangalore is slowly becoming a regular feature on itineraries to Karnataka. Eating out in Mangalore Karnataka, like other activities on a tour to Mangalore also has its excitement.

The cuisine of Mangalore is largely influenced by South Indian cuisine. The Mangalorean curry, like most South Indian dishes, uses a lot of coconut and curry leaves. Ginger, garlic and chilli also makes quite an appearance in the curries of Mangalore. Mangalore is a port city and fishing is an important industry here. The local fish curry of Mangalore is known for its taste in the whole of coastal Karnataka.

Eating out in Mangalore in India- a few delicacies:

Some of the dishes famous in Mangalore are: Kori Rotti, Bangude Pulimunchi, Beeja-Manoli Upkari, Boothai Gasi, Kadubu among others. The Konkani community has its own specialties that add up to the list of Mangalorean cuisine; these include Patrode, beebe-upkari (cashew based), val val, avnas ambe sasam.

The vegetarian cuisine available in Mangalore is on the other hand similar to the food available in Udupi.

However, while eating out on tour to Mangalore, you can try out the numerous restaurants that dot the Mangalore City. There are vegetarian and non vegetarian restaurants to be found all over the city. Ranging from moderately priced, to pricey, restaurants of various class and category are available in Mangalore.

Eating out in Mangalore Karnataka- roadside junk:

The talk of food in an Indian city cannot be complete without talk of the roadside goodies that are prepared before your eyes, largely in mobile or stationary shacks, while the busy traffic hooshes past you. From snacks, to breakfast, to lunch and dinner- everything is available on the roads of Mangalore. The food is tasty and cheap though hygiene definitely takes a backseat; you can imagine the scenario with the food vendor going on preparing the food in the midst of all the hooting traffic vomiting black smoke and the dust. However, bad as it sounds, these food vendors are the backbone of even high end executives at times. The food here is tasty and it is not very often that a man is down with diarrhea after savoring them.