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Shopping in Mangalore

Situated at a distance of 357 kilometers from Bangalore, which is the capital of Karnataka, Mangalore is an important business hub. The industries that have grown in and around Mangalore as well as the port which provides the necessary raw materials have nurtured the culture of shopping in Mangalore.

This eventually has resulted in the opening and flourishing of the markets in Mangalore. Moreover due to the level of infrastructure as well as the urbanization that the city has undergone over the years, a number of shopping malls and Supermarkets in Mangalore have added to the attractiveness of the city in the eyes of the tourists visiting it.

These markets have changed the very conception of shopping in Mangalore, India. Nowadays, almost everything under the sun is available under a single roof in these departmental stores. This facilitates the buyers to a great extent who now do not need to move a great deal from buying food items to clothing.

Further, by shopping in Mangalore, you can also get access to some of the rarest of articles that are hardly found anywhere in the world but Karnataka. Such items include sarees made of pure Silk, and decorative items made from ivory and sandalwood.

The city of Mangalore can be conveniently reached by road from all the major cities and towns of the state of Karnataka. Besides the bus services, a good number of trains from different parts of South India can also take you to Mangalore. The airline services to and from Bangalore is the easiest mode of transport that you can avail.

Thus shopping in Mangalore would certainly familiarize you to the trends followed by the Markets of this modern age. The convenience and delight that you would feel would definitely become an experience to share.


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