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Map of Goa

Topographical beauty and diversity has made Goa a sought after tourism destination in India. In the western region, it is bordered by the Arabian Sea and has the huge division of North and South Goa. More than geography, these two regions differ with cuisine, architecture, and social life. An important feature of geographical deviation is the coexistence of coastal plains, plateaus, and mountain ranges. Having the distinct entity of smallest state in India, Goa covers a total area of 3,702 square km and most part is a coastal country with magnificent beaches forming an amazing shoreline.

Tropical Monsoon climate is typical of Goa making it hot and humid in the summer months with low spells of rainfall. Goa maps at come handy for a traveler on holiday here. Goa maps elaborate on the cities, towns, road, railway network, beaches, and other tourism landmarks. As you step down on the soil of Goa, get ready to explore every corner of the state in an easy way.