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Shopping in Mathura

Mathura the Janmbhoomi or the birthplace of Lord Krishna has so many things to attract its visitors. In fact on a maiden visit to the city, travelers get so engrossed that they make it their regular travel destination. They offer prayers at various temples and seek mental peace. They can also pay visits to museums to travel back in the historic period and catch glimpses of the royal past. In fact they also like to take a sneak peek at the monuments of the place which again enjoy historical connection. However in this animated and colorful land of Lord Krishna there are other interesting things as well that catch their attention. It is shopping. Shopping in Mathura is truly a pleasurable task.

Tours to Mathura allow you to go on a shopping spree. The Mathura shopping is an unparalleled experience. Most of the bazaars are located close to the temple areas of the city and hence you can accomplish two tasks at a time. You can offer prayers at the temple and also make interesting purchases.

To shop in Mathura you must go to Bengali Ghats, Chatta Bazaar and Chowk along with some other very popular market places. You will love to splurge on attractively weaved Rosary beads, intricate Brass statues and gorgeous utensils for worship. These items will really make the temple at your own home look more beautiful and also create an aura of Mathura.

Other most fascinating stuff that you must buy during shopping in Mathura is milk products. This city of cow herds is noted for the sweet delicacies. You would love the smell and taste of the pedas or sweetmeats. You can not stop after savoring one piece and frankly speaking the diverse kind of pedas act as major temptations. The 'Kesharia Peda' which has the amazing flavor of the saffron will truly draw your palate that craves for refined delights. Another confectionery you must buy on Mathura shopping spree is 'Khurchan', a semi liquid form of peda. You will also be drawn to delicious cheese and cheese-spreads.

Apart from these, during shopping in Mathura you can also carry a souvenir of the journey by looking for exclusive miniatures of Astadhatu, the busts of Hindu deities.

On a spree of Mathura shopping you will mostly be getting varieties in items related to worship and prayers because commercial activities are not encouraged here like other places. But as the patterns and styles are absolutely distinct and different so it is a kind of fun and most delightful activity to take dive in.

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