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Mathura Bazaars

Mathura is one of the most fascinating and sacred travel destinations in India. Every year tourists in huge number flock to this city to bask in the festivities organized during special occasions like Janmasthami, Holi and others. This birth place of Lord Krishna primarily attracts travelers to its attractive temples dedicated to deity Krishna. But there are several other kind of tourist attractions too that keep their interests unaltered. However on tours to Mathura you can not restrict yourself to sightseeing only. There are other activities also to take delight in and enjoy them to the greatest extent. The best one is to take a hop to the bazaars in Mathura.

The colorful Mathura Bazaars are the perfect time pass. Along with catering to the spiritual needs, you can allot some time for shopping in Mathura.The most interesting part of the bazaars in Mathura is that majority of them are located near the famous temple complex.So after or before offering prayers at the temples, as time permits, you can explore these bazaars to make amazing purchases.The best areas to explore the markets in Mathura are Bengali Ghats, Chatta Bazaar, Dwarkadheesh Temple at Naya Bazaar, Tilak Dwar and Chowk. In these areas you will be fascinated at the variety of items that range from ritual and religious souvenirs like tiny 'Astadhatu' busts of Hindu gods and goddesses, Rosary beads, Brass statues to utensils for worship.

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