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Shopping in Meerut

Tours to Meerut will remain incomplete if you do not explore the shopping places in Meerut. Shopping in Meerut is fun as it is a completely different experience. The city of Meerut is a place for some glittering malls and multiplexes. Yet all time favorite among the tourists are those little markets for knick-knacks and souvenirs which have a distinctive charm.

Meerut is acclaimed as the most famous commercial centers in the Northern part of India. The city is renowned since ages for its major center of Agriculture, Engineering and Smelting works. The city boasts of being the largest supplier of agriculture equipment in India. Hans Engineering works is the largest player. A visit to its workshop at Surajkund Road is must during your tours to Meerut.

Meerut is the largest producer of musical instruments in the country. Do buy a few good ones if you are a real lover of music. Meerut is also one of the major suppliers of sports goods in the world. It ranks among the top cities producing and exporting sports goods in Asia. Don't forget to get hold of Studs; it's a steal. Shopping in Meerut can be real fun.

Meerut people love to savor upon sweets and thus the city is famous for sweet shops. Its major delicacies include 'Revri' and 'Gazak'. Gokul Revri Shopping in Meerut for sweets sounds gawky but it's worth it! Shop at the Budhana Gate area is the most famous joint in the town. Do taste the mouthwatering stuff during your visits.

Meerut markets reflect a true picture of Meerut's cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle with a unique blend of traditionalism. Enjoy your shopping and be alert about the prices. Bargain your heart out and shop for every popular item.

Meerut has had an image makeover in recent years that has led to a sudden spurt in number of modern malls and commercial complexes all over the city. These are the best place for shopping along with traditional bazaars. These are the favorite shopping places in Meerut for every traveler who is looking for branded stuffs. These malls are frequented by the urban class of the city.

Ansal Plaza in Meerut is a whole new concept in retailing that introduces the customer to a liberating experience of shopping, movie-watching and eating out all in a world class ambience. It's an experience that Meerut will relive every moment and this is undoubtedly one of the best options for Meerut shopping.

If money is not a problem for you then you can shop till you drop from the multi complex malls of the city. The prices of clothes are generally high but they do not compromise with quality. A wide collection of clothes and interior decoration stuff is displayed in front of you to pick your choice.

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