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Mon Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Mon

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Mon At a Glance
  • Average Climate:20°c - 34°c
  • Best Time to Visit:October to March
  • STD Code:

Mon Tourism | Mon Travel Guide

A powerhouse of the fearless Konyak Tribes, Mon is the ancient village of the famous headhunters of Nagaland. The village is located near the Indo-Myanmar border and, thus, a renowned attraction in Nagaland. The key reason to visit Mon Village is the Konyak Nagas, who lived in Mon. They were supposed to be fearful as they used to practice the headhunting skills of opposite rival tribes. But now they are completely friendly and hospitable. You can explore many other villages after MOn and collect some unique experiences.

Located at an elevation of 655 m (approx.), this offbeat location in Nagaland oozes peace, tranquility, and amazement in one single visit. A sense of calmness prevails in Mon as it is tucked away from the cacophony of the city's madness. Mon is one of the eleventh districts of the northeastern state of Nagaland and is surrounded by Assam from the north and Myanmar in the south.

Culturally and historically, the district of Mon is rich in values because it has its roots associated with the tattooed warriors' tribe of Nagaland, the Konyak Tribe. This tribe is divided into 2 groups, including Thendu and Thenthu. The former resides in the lower regions, while the latter resides in the upper areas. The tribal groups indulge in whole festive spirit during April month. This is the month when Aoleang Monyu Festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm.

Tourists plan a day excursion to the Mon Village to spend time with the locals and hear their history.

If you plan to visit Mon on your Nagaland exploration, make sure to receive your private taxi with a certified guide to enjoy a guided tour with the Konyak Tribal people. You can also contact our tour experts to plan a holiday for Mon and get the smooth travel experience.

Get inspired to visit Mon Village on a Nagaland excursion with our meticulously crafted Mon Travel Guide. Browse every reason to visit Mon with the best information covering other essential aspects like things to do, places to visit, etc.

Why Visit Mon?

Tourists who prefer taking the roads less traveled must not miss the opportunity to explore the Konyak Nagas' history in Mon Village. A visit to this unique village near the Indo-Myanmar border is a fascinating experience because the tribal people here have mastered the art of tattoo making centuries ago! The tribal people have a tattoo on their faces and the body. The famous headhunters of Nagaland wear bird feathers on their heads. On a guided trip to Mon Village with a local guide, tourists can spend time with the tribals.

Inside their house, one can see the decorated skulls of the enemies they or their family have hunted over the years ago! The leader of the tribal people of Konyak Nagas has the most prominent house in the village, with human skulls displayed in front to personify once they are fearless. Tribal people sell organic fruits sitting under the small huts within the village. If catching a glimpse of the traditional way of life is the idea, one should not miss Mon Village's visit.

How to Reach Mon

There are 3 ways to reach Mon, and all of them depend upon your travel convenience. The most preferred one is air travel. Mon doesn't have an airport, but there are 3 airports located at a reachable distance from Mon. Dimapur Airport, 263 kilometers (approx.), Jorhat Airport in Assam, 150 kilometers (approx.), and Dibrugarh Airport in Assam, 117 kilometers (approx.). Taxis are available outside these three airports to arrive at Mon Village.

Tourists can arrive on Mon from nearby towns via train journey. The significant railhead to Mon is in Dimapur, located 256 kilometers (approx.). Another nearest railway station to Mon is in Jorhat, situated 145 kilometers (approx.). Both of these towns have rail connectivity with surrounding regions. Post the railway station's arrival, taxis are available for transportation. If someone wants to travel via road from nearby destinations like Jorhat, it is an easy and worthwhile experience to take a road journey via National Highway 702. Also, Nagaland State Transportation Buses operate from the major towns in Nagaland.

How to Get Around Mon

As of now, tourists prefer to explore the charming Mon Village on foot journeys because of its smaller size and peaceful vibes. However, private taxis and motorbike hopping currently support tourism in and around Mon Village.

Best Time to Visit Mon

The initial month of summer and winter is considered the best time to visit Mon. From March to April, summer is when the village and its surroundings usher with comfortable and salubrious temperatures ranging from 16°C to 31°C (approx.) with less humidity and heat. Winters bring in much of the same but with a more comfortable temperature, 4°C to 24°C (approx.). Humidity is next to none in winters. Monsoon is the least preferred time to visit Mon Village because landslides and road blockage are common. But tourists get better deals for the accommodations around Mon Village due to less tourist influx.

Places to Visit in And Around Mon

In Konyak and tattooed warriors' land, there is no dearth of places to visit in and around Mon. Due to its small size, most places to visit in and around Mon could be easily explored in a single day, including Shangnyu Village, Shangphan Wildlife Sanctuary, and Veda Peak. The villages within the distance of the Mon have small huts or shops selling local artifacts, wood carvings, daos, and traditional jewelry.

Things to Do in Mon

Choose to indulge in a vast array of things to do in Mon. Unfold the customs, rituals, and traditional way of life of the Konyak Tribes. Gain insight into why these tattooed communities used to headhunt in the bygone era. Attend Aoling Festival in April, which marks the harvest season or spring season in the Konyak community. Witness the splendid factors associated with this tribal celebration, including dances, traditional music, and enthusiastic gathering. To enjoy Myanmar's panoramic view, one could trek to the highest point in the Mon Village, Veda Peak. Then, take a guided excursion to Chenloisho Village to discover the centuries-old ornaments displayed.

How many days are enough to visit Mon?

1-2 days are sufficient to visit Mon and enjoy relaxing sightseeing of the best tourist attractions in and around Mon.

Average Mon Trip Cost

INR 12000 to INR 25,000 (approx.) per person is the average budget for visiting Mon.

Note: *Prices are subject to change according to your style of travel.

Accommodation in Mon

This place in Nagaland's northernmost tip is simply amazing in terms of unspoiled landscape beauty. Everything that entices travelers' souls is present in Mon. So does the accommodation on Mon. Guests will find comfortable accommodation in and around Mon but with the standard facilities. Only a few hotels, homestays, and Airbnbs, including Lonchen Homestay, Swagatam Homestay, Helsa Resort, and Hotel Vivor.

Where to Eat in Mon

Since Mon is a tribal village, finding an expensive restaurant in Mon is an absolute waste of effort. So instead, tourists can relish the authentic momos, sticky rice, noodles, and bamboo steamed from a roadside eatery and homestays. The Mon Village food combines unflavored vegetables with a combination of ginger and locally grown spices.

Shopping in Mon

There are numerous villages within the Mon Village, and it has several huts and house operating shops that sell local souvenirs to the tourists. In addition, the tribal people sell tribal jewelry and masks, which boosts their income. A few of the best places for shopping in Mon include Singha Chingnyu and Old Mon.

Useful Tip for Mon Travel

  • Attend Aoleang Festival in the first week of April
  • One needs to obtain an Inner Line Permit to visit Mon Village
  • Discover the traditional life of the Konyak tribe on a guided excursion
  • Avoid visiting in monsoon
  • Plan to visit in early summer or winter

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