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Namchi Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Namchi

  • char dham temple Hindu temple in Namchi, Sikkim
Namchi At a Glance
  • Average Climate:19°C to 27°C
  • Best Time to Visit:March to October
  • STD Code:

Namchi Travel Guide

A trip to Namchi is a perfect escape for those who wish to rejuvenate amidst serene environs away from the hustle-bustle. The seven sisters that are the North-Eastern states of India; are a true gem of the country. With high-altitude villages to unfathomable beauty all over, these states have a lot of things on offer for travelers. Owing to the challenging trails, a number of adventurous activities, and a plethora of beautiful places, a lot of travelers visit here each year. However, one of the most beautiful and arguably the best places is in the territory of Sikkim named Namchi.

A quaint petit town that justifies its name, Namchi is one of the best places in Sikkim. According to the local language, Namchi means sky high and the place gets its name due to its 5500 ft. elevated location. The place holds a lot of historical significance in the hearts and books of Sikkimese. But that's not what interests India's young and adventurous people to visit Namchi. But more or less, before traveling to Namchi, do keep in mind that the locals have a strong belief in spirituality and that's an essential part of their culture as well as social grain.

Therefore, people who plan a trip to Namchi often visit temples, spend time meditating in the monasteries, and attend religious festivals if possible. In addition, Namchi, also known as the land of carnival and celebrations, holds a football tournament every year that goes by the name 'The Gold Cup.' Those planning on visiting Namchi during February can be a part of this wonderful tournament where teams from not just Indian states but Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan also participate.

Here is a complete Namchi Travel Guide with all the vital information that will help not miss out on any important place or thing.

Why is Namchi Worth Visiting?

It is a town located at an altitude of 5500 ft. and is surrounded by nothing but natural beauty at its best. There are a lot of other reasons that make Namchi worth visiting. People often visit here to break their boredom and same everyday life in cities. Namchi is also a less-populated town which makes it serene and pristine. There are several great destinations in the cultural capital of Sikkim.

Besides these, Namchi is culturally at the forefront with several festivals and fairs being hosted here. People can visit here throughout the year except for the rainy season because the entire North-Eastern region of India experiences heavy rainfall, making it a bit difficult for travelers to enjoy things to their fullest and explore places. Therefore, these key elements make Namchi a top-notch attraction to visit in Sikkim. Do not forget to enjoy every bit of it.

Places to visit in Namchi

Owing to its location, Namchi is blessed with a plethora of serene and beautiful places to visit. This quaint town is ideal for explorers because there are a lot of forested areas near the town that can be explored. Where nature lovers enjoy the treat of beauty all around, adventure enthusiasts love to enjoy their share of activities offered by the town. Here are the top places to visit in Namchi:

  • Samdruptse Hill
  • Tendong Hill
  • Doling Gompa
  • Ngadak Monastery
  • Solophok Chardham
  • Serdup Choling Monastery
  • Tendon State Biodiversity Park
  • Namchi Rock Garden
  • Temi Tea Garden

Things to do in Namchi

From enjoying the aromatic tea gardens at Temi to trekking to the summit of Samdruptse and Tendong Hills. A lot of things to do in Namchi will keep you engaged. This small town has something for everyone and it soothes all its visitors. Be it a person looking for some adventure, nature lover, bird watcher, pilgrim, or simply a couple on a romantic trip. According to the Namchi travel & tourism guide, these are the top things that can be enjoyed here.

  • Visiting offbeat attractions
  • Offering prayers at temples
  • Meditating in the peaceful environment of Monasteries
  • Exploring the Biodiversity Park
  • Birdwatching at Kitam Bird Sanctuary
  • Going for a safari at Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Trekking to the summit of Tendong Hill and Samdruptse Hill
  • Visiting Doling Gompa
  • Enjoying at the Baichung stadium
  • Enjoying various local drinks and cuisines
  • Hiking to Siddheshwar Dham

Ideal For

Namchi is one of those places that is ideal for everything. It has actively served:

  • People on a romantic getaway or vacation.
  • A group of friends on a trip
  • Families wanting to spend some time together away from the hustle-bustle of the city
  • Solo travelers looking for some adrenaline-rushing activities.
  • People who wish to stay close to nature for a few days and so on.

Blessed with a bounty of natural sights, Namik is the go-to destination for people seeking solace in their chaotic lives.

Best Time to Visit Namchi

The best time to visit Namchi is between March to May. This is an ideal time for everyone because it is when most festivals and fairs of the town are organized. The temperature during these months remains pleasant and a good climate helps visitors explore the entire region. Moreover, during these months, visitors can enjoy their time witnessing the beauty of nature and enjoy several adventure activities like hiking. If you are one of those who wish to visit sanctuaries, this is also an ideal time to visit Namchi.

How to reach Namchi

Namchi is well-connected to its neighboring cities, villages, and towns, and reaching Namchi won't be a difficult task at all. A person can get down at Bagdogra airport and reach the city. A person can also get down at New Jalpaiguri railway station to reach here. Last but not least, Namchi is well-connected with other places via road. So, how to reach Namchi will never be a difficult task for people.

How to get around Namchi

Train, airplane, and road; Namchi is very well connected through all the modes of transport. One can easily get taxis, private cabs, public buses, and other modes to reach here.

Accommodations in Namchi

Serving thousands of travelers each year, accommodations in Namchi are quite organized and improved over time. From cottages to guesthouses to good hotels, several options are available in the town for travelers. Some of the staying options of Namchi are very well places in places that allow the travelers to enjoy awe-inspiring mountain views or panoramic sights of natural beauty. Here are a few options where travelers can stay in comfort:

  • Hotel Mayal
  • Hotel Kava Suites
  • Hotel Hangkhim
  • Seven Hill Resorts
  • Valley View Hotel
  • Kesang Hotel

Where to eat in Namchi

Visiting a new place always calls for great food. While visiting Namchi, if you wish to devour the best cuisines made here, you must visit these restaurants. Here are the best restaurants in Namchi:

  • Glenary’s
  • Hot Stimulating Cafe
  • Kunga Restaurant
  • Sonam’s Kitchen
  • Nathmull Tea
  • Gatty’s Cafe

Shopping in Namchi

Want to go on a shopping spree? There are several local markets in the town where you can go and buy some souvenirs. Visit these markets for clothes and package products as well. You will find something that would suit you here.

Travelling Tips

  • Keep in mind that the people of Sikkim are strongly bonded to their culture and spirituality.
  • Get in touch with the locals and try to know the history of the place in their style.
  • If you are here during a festival, try to indulge in activities and become a part of it.
  • It is better to plan your trip in any season but monsoons. Sikkim experiences heavy rainfall during this season.
  • Try and taste as many local cuisines and drinks as possible.
  • If visiting in February, make sure not to miss the football tournament.

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