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Tour to Badhkal Lake from Delhi

Trip to Badhkal Lake from Delhi:

Located 30 Kilometers from New Delhi, the Badhkal Lake is the principal attraction near Delhi. Situated near Faridabad, this place is also a favorite picnic spot. A hired car can be availed from the main city of Delhi which would take you to Badhkal Lake. Tour to Badhkal Lake is an invigorating experience whence you can enjoy a boat ride into the rippling Lake Badhkal; have a splendid time observing the flying birds in their natural habitat and some migratory species.

Description of the Badhkal Lake:

The Lake is a beautiful specimen of natural beauty amalgamated with some touch of modern stroke. Feel the rhythm of the lake as you drive the rippling river along with your sweetheart or feel the soft call of the birds hiding behind the trees, the soft breeze blowing gently and lastly the olive landscape that just enlivens you up.

Visit to Badhkal Lake from Delhi:

Visit to Badhkal Lake includes a trip to Delhi; flights are available from all the major cities of India and abroad. You can also avail the service of Indian Railways while moving for your destination, Delhi. Then a hired bus or car would take you to Badhkal Lake, which is sure to leave an indelible mark in your mind.

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