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Tour to Brindavan from Delhi

There are many interesting places around Delhi that can easily be visited when on a trip to Delhi. A Tour to Brindavan from Delhi should not be ruled out by tourists because Brindavan is merely 135 km from Delhi and a journey of just about 2 hours courtesy the National Highway 2. Brindavan in Uttar Pradesh is an important pilgrim destination of the Hindus and any devotee of Lord Krishna cherishes a desire to visit it at least once in a lifetime.

Brindavan holds a very special place in Hindu Mythology. It has been referred to time and again as the place where Lord Krishna spent a lot of time with Radhika and the other gopinis. He used to indulge in fun and frolic and a bit of harmless flirtation as well with all of them.

Having heard of Brindavan so many times in devotional songs, there are many who long to visit it. There are many classical dance compositions as well which have referred to Brindavan. So one should never miss out on a Tour to Brindavan from Delhi. It is very well connected to Delhi and consequently it is very easy to plan a Tour to Brindavan from Delhi.

The temples are the major tourist attractions in Brindavan. One will surely be stunned to know that there are as many as 5000 temples in Brindavan. It is not a very plausible idea to visit all of them, but there are a few which should definitely not be missed out. Some of them are the Krishna Balarama Mandir, the Radha Madana Mohana Temple, the Jaipur Temple, Banke Bihari Temple, the Radha Damodara Temple and the Rangji Temple. You are sure to impressed not just by the architectural skills displayed in some of them but also by their overall ambience. The number of devotees and their love and reverence for Lord Krishna is sure to startle anyone.

A Tour to Brindavan from Delhi is particularly recommended because when you drive from Delhi, the mustard fields on either side of the roads are a treat to the eyes. Brindavan is a very pretty land, else it would not have been chosen by the lord to woo his beloved and make sure you too savor its scenic beauty moving a bit away from the main temple areas. The trip to Brindavan promises to be enjoyable.

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