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Tour to Bulandshahar from Delhi

Bulandshahar, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is a small city with administrative headquarters in Bulandshahar district. Of immense historical importance, it was the seat of many rulers who annexed the land. Besides it was an important place during the 1857 Revolt. While on your tour to Delhi, you should plan out a Tour to Bulandshahar from Delhi.

Located at the right banks of Kali-Nadi River, Bulandshahar, the city, is divided into two police districts. It owns the Narora Atomic power plant which is situated on the banks of River Ganga. Under the Bulandshahar district, is Khurja, the well known place, famous for its pottery industry.

Entering the city one can spot the chimneys all around the place. Beautiful pieces of pottery from cups and saucers to chandeliers and room partitions are made. Other pieces of pottery include bowls, plates, platters, dinner sets, vases, tea sets, mugs and much more. These pieces of pottery are purchased by caterers in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Allahabad and Mumbai. On your Tour to Bulandshahar from Delhi you can visit Khurja and add some of the exquisite pieces to your pottery collection.

Bulandshahar has been in the vicinity of the National Capital Region, which has helped in its development immensely, which has resulted in its rapid development. Close to Meerut, Delhi, Khurja and Allahabad, Bulandshahar has only one railway station that connects it to all the places. It also has regular bus services to major cities like Delhi, Meerut and Allahabad. It has, as well, inter-state bus services to other important towns of the districts. On your tour to Bulandshahar from Delhi you can avail the train services or the bus services.

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