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Tour to Gurgaon from Delhi

If you have travel plans for New Delhi you should venture to Gurgaon which is just about 30 kms from New Delhi. Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing cities with major industrial area within such close proximity of the capital of the country. A tour to Gurgaon from Delhi will take you to the various tourist attractions of the city.

Within 15kms from New Delhi's International Airport, Gurgaon started growing rapidly just after the independence of the country and gained momentum since the end of 1970s. Many multinational companies, large industries, shopping malls and housing complexes are mushrooming in Gurgaon attracted to serenity of the place. On your Tour to Gurgaon from Delhi you will be enjoy the 30 kilometer ride to the town.

Over 2000 years ago Gurgaon was known as Guru Gram in honor of Dronacharya. Guru Dronacharya, was the teacher or Guru of the Pandavas who taught them the fine skill of good archery in our epic Mahabharata. Today the city is no more the village but city with industrial construction and housing complexes making it one of most important cities of Haryana.

On your Tour to Gurgaon from Delhi you can enjoy one of the local historic attractions, Sheesh Mahal. Built by Fauzdar Khan in 1733, its interiors are done profusely intricate mirror decorations. The Sheetala Devi Hindu Temple is another of the places for tourists' attractions. It is located near a pond in the suburbs.

On your tour to Gurgaon from Delhi you can visit the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary which is less than 20 km away. There are host of avian species. About 100 unique species of birds are found in the sanctuary. They migrate here in the winter from both Europe and Siberia.

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