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Tour to Sultanpur from Delhi

Trip to Sultanpur from Delhi:

Famous for its Bird Sanctuary, Sultanpur is a paradise for the ornithologists. Located at Gurgaon district in Haryana, this is an ideal place for the nature lovers and backpackers listen to the call of nature, amidst the chirping birds, flowing river, verdant stretches. There is a deer park which extends for miles and some rare and exquisite birds visible at the sanctuary. Visit to Sultanpur is an invigorating experience. Pack up for the most interesting journey of your life; and while you do so, never forget to bring your camera and binoculars to observe the beautiful birds flying atop the lush landscape. A visit to Sultanpur involves hiring a car from the hub of Delhi City. You can also avail a hired bus which takes you to Sultanpur.

Description of the Sultanpur:

Sultanpur is a famous place where you can find peace amidst the serene nature; away from the din of city life, come and enjoy the greenery in the laps of nature; Sultanpur is a veritable heaven for the nature lovers. Located in Gurgaon, this place is also richly populated with diverse insects and migratory birds. Come and enjoy the bounty of nature at Sultanpur and your visit would be made more comfortable if you come from Delhi. Trip to Sultanpur form Delhi is just a splendid experience.

Visit to Sultanpur from Delhi:

Delhi is the centre from which you can avail vehicles that would ply to Sultanpur. A visit to Sultanpur is a lively experience. You are sure to remember this all along your life.

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