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Tour to Surajkund from Delhi

Trip to Surajkund from Delhi:

The man made reservoir also known as Surajkund Lake with it smoothly flowing water hemmed by greenery around, is a veritable heaven for the nature lovers and ornithologists.

For backpackers and picnic party too, this is an ideal place. It is 20 kilometers from the city of Delhi and can be accessed by a car hired from the city. One can also come here by hired auto rickshaws. Tour to Surajkund is easy and affordable by all.

Description of the Surajkund:

Surajkund Lake is a man made reservoir, contrary to the popular belief that it is a lake. The literal connotation of Surajkund is reservoir of the sun; constructed by King Surajpal before the advent of the Delhi Sultanate. The Tomar Rajputs actually constructed the Lal Kot, a second to Delhi city beside this lake. Also famous for Crafts Mela held there every year, Surajkund Lake becomes the venue of Crafts Mela. Held from 1st to 15th February, the main aim of this fair is to open the door for the talented artists.

Especially items of art and crafts are sold in this fair. The price of the things sold in Surajkund Far is also affordable. Visited by a vast number of people, the fair is a success for visitors and sellers. You can make your evenings more entertaining by observing the live performances held at the fair. Enjoy the performer's tricks and turns at Natyashala, the open air fan-shaped theater at Surajkund Fair.

Visit to Surajkund from Delhi:

Surajkund lies in the district of Faridabad. Surajkund is just 20 kilometers from South Delhi. The fair starts at 9.30 in the morning and continues till 5.30 in the afternoon. Since it is a fortnight event one can enjoy the fair for quite a long time.

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