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Dilli Haat, Delhi

One of the most vibrant markets of Delhi, the Dilli Haat, Delhi is a definite must visit while on a holiday in Delhi. The aroma of thousands of varieties of food welcomes you the moment you enter the periphery of the market, which promises to supply the visitor on a trip of travel to Delhi with a taste of almost all the cuisines of India.

The Dilli Haat, Delhi is a joint project developed by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation. An effort which aims to raise awareness on the various arts and crafts of Delhi as well as to provide adequate means of living to the various artisans of Delhi. The Dilli Haat, Delhi comprises of around 62 stalls, which are provided to representatives of the various states of India on a rotational basis, after which they are used as a platform for exhibiting their wares. 

Known primarily for the exotic range of handicrafts it promotes, the Dilli Haat, Delhi is also a foodie's paradise. There is almost all the varieties of Indian cuisine available at the premises of the market, which makes the market one of the most important tourist destinations of Delhi.

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