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Janpath Market in Delhi

Shopping in some of the market places in Delhi is definitely a lot of fun, a whole new experience altogether and particularly for those people who are used to purchasing in plush air conditioned malls where there is a wide variety of objects on display at fixed prices. These malls are an integral part of modern cities but they are all so similar in all the cities. Shopping in Market Places like the Janpath Market in Delhi has a distinctive charm of its own and help you get a flavor of that city like very few places can. 

Janpath is a connecting road between Connaught Place and Lodhi Garden. It is best known for the Market which comprises of several hundreds of shops on either side of the pavements. It would be no exaggeration to say that Janpath Market helps you to capture a part of the essence of this city with all its contradictions.

Shopping in the Janpath Market in Delhi is a bit tiring because it involves endlessly haggling with the shopkeepers before settling for a definite price but every aspect of it is certainly thoroughly enjoyable. You are assured that the bargaining will prove to be very effective.

The Janpath Market in Delhi is a great place for those who choose not to spend very opulently, are a bit under budget constraints and yet cannot miss out on the experience of Shopping in the nation's capital. In short it is not a very up market place, rather you get nice trendy choiceable items at affordable prices provided you are dexterous at dickering. 

There are innumerable shops though none of them are very big ones, only small stalls and these sell garments, carpets and a host of other knick knacks. .Particularly mention worthy are the silver and junk jewelry shops, some studded with semi precious stones of the Janpath Bazaar. Any woman would love them to be a part of her collection. These little trinkets also make very nice presents.

The Janpath Market in Delhi is particularly popular with the college crowd and the tourists. Shopping here just doesn't mean buying articles of your choice and going back home but strolling around, looking at all the exotic ensembles on display, bargaining, feeling satisfied that you have had the best deal, dropping in for a cup of coffee and lip smacking snacks at any of the numerous cafes and restaurants that dot the road and finally returning with your bags full of some of the most amazing stuff.


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