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Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi

Sarojini Nagar Market in South Delhi is one of the most frequented markets in Delhi. If you are on a shopping spree in Delhi you must check out Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi. Though Delhi is full of markets, only a handful of them really give you good value for money. Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi tops the list. It is one of the most recommended places to shop for in Delhi. You will never get tired while shopping in Sarojini Nagar Market.

This market is named after Sarojini Naidu who was an active freedom fighter in the Indian Independence Movement. Laced on all sides by posh localities like Safdurjang Enclave, South Extension and Chanakya Puri, the market is one of the most coveted shopping area for the localites in general.

The crux of the market consists of garment shops. Garments in Sarojini Nagar Market are varied and of good quality. It also houses some International and national brand names in garments. However people throng more towards those shops where the bargaining pays. Significantly enough ninety percent of the shops in Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi are family owned. The whole market has an intimacy about it that you seldom find in the Shopping Malls.

Babu market in Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi houses many sweet shops. These shops are generally passed on from generation as are their trade secrets. It is said that the Halwayi in Mucchal Halwayi ki Dukaan is special in its own way and no one can bring in the same flavor of the dish. The many shoe shops in the vicinity of the market is also an eye catcher. The best thing about the place is the reasonable price factor. You can buy hordes of things and still it won't make much of a difference to your purse.

Visit Subzi Mundi in Sarojini Nagar Market Delhi to buy the freshest and choicest fruits and fresh vegetables. Exotic vegetables which cost sky high in the Shopping centers are much reasonably priced here and are well within your reach.

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