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What to Buy in Orchha

Tourists all over the world while traveling to a new place look for picking up those articles that are uniquely found in the place and that which would give them fond memories of their visit to that particular place. Hence, what to buy in Orchha is the obvious question that comes to one's mind while visiting the place which would be answered in this page.

Orchha is a travel destination in India, which is still a place unknown to most travelers. In spite of a rich history and tradition left by the Bundela Dynasties (belonging to the Rajput clan) who ruled this region around Bundelkhand from 16th century onwards, Orchha has not got the reputation of an important travel destination that it deserves. The place is characterized by a palaces, forts, and gardens as much as by its art and crafts.

A few of the essential articles that are available in the markets in Orchha include the works of art that are uniquely found in the Bastar region of Madhya Pradesh. The most popular among these are the metal works of Dokra, articles of wrought iron, and gift items such as showpieces, souvenirs, and mementos.

In short, shopping in Orchha is bound to provide an answer to your question as to what to buy in Orchha. The traditional market places in Orchha are characterized by the common din created by the yelling hawkers. The customers are also used to bargaining over the prices charged for the commodities.

You can easily get to the city of Orchha from other cities of Madhya Pradesh like Jhansi, Khajuraho, and Gwalior that are well connected with by a network of roads. The railway station at Jhansi and the airport of Khajuraho are also the gateways to reach the city. 

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