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Brass and Bell Metal

The Art and Crafts of Orissa are integrally related with the very tradition and culture of the state. If you look from close quarters the socio cultural aspect forms a major part of the Crafts of Orissa. Most of these Crafts can be seen in the very inner shrine of the temples in Orissa. Not only the government but the temples also through their repeated use of the products, promote the many crafts of Orissa. These objects are not only exquisite but also utilitarian in purpose. Take a leisurely stroll around Jagannath Temple in Puri or the main market place in Bhubaneshwar and you will dumbfounded by the number and variety of products on sale. Brass and Bell Metal products are very famous all over Orissa.

Most of the Brass and Bell Metal products are household items but pieces are also found. Bowls, plates, spoons, glass, tumbler, bells and many items are exhibited. Decorational pieces like bronze bangles and lamp stands which are exquisitely designed can also feature in the list of your best buys. These items tell of the high standard of these Brass and Bell Metal artisans. Some of them are practicing this art form for generations.

Brass and Bell Metal Craft is practiced by the craftsmen of Kansari while the Dhokra craft is mainly practiced by the people of Sithulias. Castings of Brass items are practiced by the people of Ganjam. The motifs used in the decorative pieces are mainly taken from the folk culture of Orissa. There is a high demand for these articles all throughout India. Moreover these craft forms also uplift the causes of the backward artisans of Orissa and give them a means of livelihood.

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